Batman: Arkham Knight - Ra’s Al Ghul DLC

Main Artist in the Ra’s Al Ghul Story mission. This was a blast to work on, he is a great character and due to a scheduling quirk, I also took the lead on early design work. This was a great opportunity and allowed me to create the initial mission flow, some of the puzzles, and liaise with story/cinematics a lot more heavily than before. Later on, a very talented designer joined me and we were in a position to tweak and polish as much as we needed. The degree of autonomy I had at the start, and then the strong collaborative environment towards the end made this a very rewarding experience.

As with my City Work, there are some shared assets present, made by other artists, although there is substantially more of my own asset work present here, including Architectural pieces, Morgue props and the final League of Shadows Altar. Final Lighting by Abelardo Polonio